5th International Hospital Congress

Considering what has been usual in the past 12 years, the APDH is organizing the 5th International Hospital Congress that will take place the 20, 21 and 22 November 2014 in Lisbon, at the Auditorium in the Edifício Tomé Pires, at the INFARMED - Instituto Nacional da Farmácia e do Medicamento. This year’s subject will be “The National Health Service - (Re) Cognising the Changes”.

The programme emphasises the need to analyse the changes affecting the existing National Health Systems, highlighting the reforms undertaken at both national and international level and its impact in the organization of the Health Care Services, particularly during the last 40 years of hospital history and it’s the role in the society. The event also intends to debate the questions of patient safety and quality and its present relevance, considering the heavy burden (both human and economic) that they represent for the Health systems. This reflexion will count with the valuable contributions of different professionals from the Health sector, at national and international level.

Recipients: Health Leaders; Physicians; Nurses; Hospital Administrators; Health-care technicians and other professionals from related fields; Academics with an interest in the area of health; Researchers; Health sciences undergraduate and post-graduate students; Representatives of the pharmaceutical industry and health technologies.

Portuguese will be the official language of the conference but some sessions may include English presentations.