6th International Hospital Congress

Wednesday, 23 November, 2016 (All day) - Friday, 25 November, 2016 (All day)


The world and the health and social systems are facing a transformation, much due to the present demands from the economy and from the world markets and impacting in the populations. These are now more informed and more demanding but also with longer life span with multi chronic pathologies and in need of more social and health care needs.

Within this context the innovation is a fundamental factor for the implementation of initiatives and best practices in health, contributing for health systems with more quality, higher and more sensitive capacity of response faced with the present needs and with more health gains for the citizens.

The necessary transformation of the health care delivery systems comes with challenges and opportunities for the hospital, primary and long term care. Today it is vital for the organizations to be creative in the development of new forms of health care delivery thus promoting efficiency and more cost effective results.

The creation of a culture of innovation is therefore determinant and poses a major challenge for the hospitals and for the health care system, rendering fundamental its deep transformation and also of their capacity to absorb the reforming action. Along with the crucial changes in the health system, there is also the need for an efficient restructuration of the health care organizations, for the reinforcement of their leaderships and the performance by results by the health care professionals.

The level of success of this change and the implementation of transformational initiatives depends on the commitment and on the implication of all the stakeholders in the systems, even if at different levels of participation and complexity. It is therefore essential to discuss the clinical, organizational, sociological innovation of health economics, of ethics and cultures in the health care delivery and also of the existing welcoming environment towards innovation in the organizations.

The main goal is to provide a plural and prospective analysis regarding the health innovation theme and which are the future challenges for the primary, secondary and long term care; considering the system at a macro and micro level, concerning its sustainability, organization and health care delivery, human resources and health gains and better access for the citizens. This must be centered in the evolution registered in Portugal and in the evidences compared with that of the other countries, along with the evolution of the economic and financial context, the problem of the ageing population, the increase of the chronic and prolonged course of disease and the development of information and biomedical technologies.

The Direction


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