APDH has several protocols with public and private institutions, aiming to promote and organize the activities that will meet the interest of its members, whether individual or collective.

The institutions with which APDH  established protocols, are:

  • Central Administration of Health Systems, I.P. (ACSS) 
  • High Commissioner for Health (ACS)
  • Portuguese Association of Hospital Managers (APAH)
  • Portuguese Association of Health Engineering and Management (APEGSaúde)
  • “Círculo das Letras, Lda.”  - Bookshop
  • Deloitte
  • Directorate General of Health (DGS)
  • General Directorate of  Archives (DGARQ) 
  • National School of Public Health (ENSP)
  • School of Health Technologies - Lisbon (ESTeSL)
  • Forum Hospital of the Future
  • Group Vision Portugal
  • La Societé PUBLIEST – PUBLIEST Society
  • La Unió Catalana d'Hospitals, Associació d'Entitats Sanitàries i Socials – Catalonian Union of Hospitals
  • Pfizer Laboratories
  • Maternity Hospital Alfredo da Costa (MAC)
  • Ministry of Health
  • Novartis Oncology
  • Portuguese Society for Environmental Health (SPSA)
  • University of Évora