Vision, Mission and Activities

IHF intends to be the leader in facilitating the Exchange of knowledge and experience in the health management sector. Through the dissemination of evidence-based information, IHF will help improve patient care quality around the globe. Thorough its intervention the IHF, gathers information data regarding the best practices in the hospitals and in the hospital management sector, allowing the permanent exchange of ideas. The IHF also has a fundamental role in the creation of infrastructures supporting the organizations for the health promotion. It fosters international partnerships that promote interaction among public and private hospitals and healthcare organizations, by promoting interactions. In addition to publications, events and projects IHF will offer other types of services to members such as acting as a bridge between members in order to facilitate and support cross-fertilization of knowledge and experience in strategy, management and leadership of health organizations, and policy development. According to the IHF principles, any individual, regardless of their race, religion, nationality and/or social and economic conditions, must have access to health, that is, to hospitals and/or health services. The IHF is committed to promoting and protection of dignity, safety and well-being of the patients.